7 secrets of becoming a successful soccer player – No.2 Attitude

It takes more to become a successful soccer player than just having technical and tactical skills. Coach Matthias Nowak lets you in on the seven secrets of becoming a successful soccer player. This is secret number 2. The remaining six will be revealed in our training video “Clever Soccer Tricks for Kids“. Don’t miss them!

Because of his positive spirit and years of experience in youth soccer coaching, Matze Nowak is well regarded by his players. He knows how to speak the language of the young generation and he listens to their problems. Coach Nowak wanted to speak directly to his young viewers so that they know that we’ve produced this training video specifically for them, young soccer players from all around the world!

Listen to his detailed explanation of secret no. 2:
“Having the right attitude is a crucial factor for your progression as a footballer. Even if you forget everything that I told you just remember one thing: Trying to do your best is not enough, you simply DO your best! Now, what exactly does this mean?It means no apologies and no excuses. Be yourself when you’re on the pitch. On a day when you just don’t feel like it or when nothing goes your way, you still should go all out, no matter what.
That’s what doing your best means. No excuses, just do your best. Trust me, you will feel great after practice when you know you did your best out there. It’s a highly motivating feeling to give it your all, one hundred percent, all the time. Remember, the only way is up!



Learning how to win one-on-one situations with ease. Including moves from many European top players. Find out the secrets to becoming a successful soccer player. Developed by FC Bayern Munich women's coach Matthias Nowak.

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