About us


Here at the European Sports & Training Academy we produce professional training videos featuring drills and background info for every soccer coach, player and fan out there.

We startet out in Europe, now we’re headed for the US! Prepare for Europe’s best soccer coaches, as they will help you and your team to become better soccer players and coaches.

Numerous professional athletes have already joined our academy’s team of experts, including German Bundesliga legend and UEFA pro license coach Ingo Anderbrügge as well as several other high profile coaches and professional soccer clubs from Germany’s highest national league, the Bundesliga.

The European Sports & Training Academy is a proud partner of the Bavarian Football Association and the German Football Coaches Association. We have teamed up with a number of DFB-licensed youth academies. (The DFB is the German Football Association)

In cooperation with professional athletes, coaches and experts we develop training programs and drills for fellow athletes and coaches.
Our selection of high-quality training videos allows you to plan and conduct effective soccer drills and professional training sessions.
Due to our carefully selected group of coaches we can guarantee to provide you with expert knowledge and state-of-the-art European soccer training methods.

We try to appeal to recreational athletes as much as to pro-level competitors. This is your opportunity to reach your own personal athletic goals with the help of our professional expertise and support from Europe’s finest soccer personalities.

Visit the European Sports & Training Academy at www.1x1SPORT.com