Soccer Fitness Training with Douglas Costa (FC Bayern Munich)

Not only strong on the ball –
FC Bayern Munich soccer star Douglas Costa shows how one should train as a soccer player


Do you want to watch Douglas Costa (FC Bayern Munich) during his 30 minute conditioning workout?


How does the Brazilian national team player train in his spare time?


What strength and stabilization exercises does the FC Bayern professional, who was voted the best player of the Bundesliga in the season’s first half, do at 11 o’clock at night?


In modern soccer the most successful players are not only hard-training professional athletes instead they are also absolute top athletes. Only like that can the players deliver their top performance week after week.



How Douglas Costa privately stays fit and what exercises he performs off of the soccer field at home 1x1SPORT now shows exclusively in a new video.


The training program was put together by Lucas Kruel. As a personal fitness trainer, the Brazilian takes care of the daily dose of muscle and total body workout.


“Full Body Workout” / “Functional training” / “Fitness without training equipment”


There are many names for training using your own body weight.
Kruel is Brazilian like Costa. One could think the two juggle a couple of soccer balls in the afternoon and it’s good.
But you’d be way off! In the changing room with his teammates at FC Bayern and in Selecao (Brazilian national soccer team) Douglas Costa is regarded as a “training beast” as a “training champion” – as an absolute role model.

In the meantime even the Spanish national team player “Thiago” (World and European champion) doesn’t train for nothing following the training concept of Lucas Kruel.


Lucas Kruel’s training methods depend entirely on the needs of the soccer stars in close consultation with the clubs. Lucas Kruel belongs to the organization “Time Villeroy”, which has made a big name for itself in Brazil in terms of fitness.
Time Villeroy has sent trainers worldwide. The trainers take care of the training plans for top stars in England, Turkey, Germany and Ukraine.
Their players are under contract in Champions League clubs or in the Premier League or in the Bundesliga, such as in Liverpool, Chelsea or FC Bayern Munich


1x1SPORT accompanied Lucas Kruel and Douglas Costa with a camera for a TV documentary. Watch whole documentary.