Soccer Athletic Training – Strength and Fitness Drills of a German Pro Club

Athleticism has become more and more crucial in soccer in the last twenty years. The days when beer-bellied players slowly plowed the pitch are long gone, nowadays soccer players are highly trained athletes that can physically compete with anyone.

Athletic training is a key element in modern soccer coaching but not every team can afford to employ their own athletic coach.
That’s why SoccerCoachClinics has decided to establish a cooperation with Unterhaching Youth Academy, a highly respected and successful player development program located near Munich, Germany.

Here’s the deal. We’re your new assistant coach! We have everything you need when it comes to the most important aspect in soccer coaching . The training video series on athleticism and endurance is the perfect guide for making drastic improvements of your team’s athletic abilities, speed and stamina.

Watch the trailer for “Soccer – Athletic Training” to see what our coach has come up with in this fantastic training video packed with strength and fitness drills that will make your team fitter than they have ever been before!

The training video is based on the latest results in sport-scientific research and with its in-depth descriptions of each drill, even coaches with little or no experience in athletic training will be able to incorporate them into their training program.

The drills we show you in the video are suitable for players of all ages and skill sets. Finally, the 10-station circle training we added for you as a bonus make this video an coaching tool you simply can’t miss out on!



Lay the foundation for your team's success and get a maximum level of performance. No expensive tools and devices necessary. Work out professionally and in a well-structured fashion. Use this guide on your way to a resilient and athletic body.

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