Youth soccer training – Part 4 and 5

Part 4: Drill centered around the focal point, including shots on goal – Shots on goal while facing defenders

Starting position

For this drill two groups of players position themselves about twenty yards away from the goal. Sets up four or five cones at the top of the penalty area. These cones represent a defender. Two players now stand behind the cones and two additional pairs of cones are set up next to those two players. The player now loses his defender by breaking free and waits for his teammate to pass him the ball.

Dribbling past the first set of cones (1)
Dribbling past the first set of cones (2)
Dribbling past the first set of cones (3)

Once he has received the pass he should dribble past the first set of cones and rotate towards the goal. This is where the second set of cones representing defenders comes into play. He also has to juke out this defender with either a step-over, an inside cut or simply a body swerve.

Second set of cones represent defenders

He has to use his creativity in order to get in a good scoring position. In the meantime the passer now moves into the position behind the first set of cones and awaits the next pass.

Make sure that the players make an initial move before they receive the ball and they should signal to their teammates to pass them the ball. This could either be a hand gesture or they could shout that they’re open and want the ball.

The player can choose his own scoring position

Part 5:
Training game – Training game with various types of balls

Different types of balls

We can use all types of balls for this training game. Since all of these balls bounce around differently, the players have to adjust to different situations and circumstances.

Places two balls on each end line of the playing field which is about 25 to 30 yards in size. The balls are positioned about 10 to 15 yards apart from each other. We place different types of balls on top of cones – this could be a tennis ball, a mini soccer ball, an American football, and a regular-sized soccer ball.

The teams begin by using the regular-sized soccer ball, and they both try to score as many goals as possible. If a player misses a shot, he quickly has to retrieve this ball while the other team now is allowed to pick one of the four balls placed on the cones. They should try to take advantage of their numerical advantage while the other player retrieves the ball.

Playing field overview

By playing with different balls we can value each goal differently. A goal scored with a tennis ball is worth two points,
a goal with an American football is worth three points and a goal with a mini-soccer ball is worth four points.

The ball is immediately turned over should one team mistakenly use two balls at the same time. This usually happens when two players aren’t communicating with each other and they both pick up balls on the left and the right side.
Therefore this drill also helps the players to communicate better as a team.

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