Innovative Agility Ladder Drill – The Samir-Step

Innovative Agility Ladder Drill- The Samir-Step-HD

Time to get those feet moving. Become faster and quicker with the help of the good old agility ladder and this creative drill. For more videos and info visit

Posted by Soccer Coach Clinics on Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

In the full length video we’re showing you many different drills from the following categories:

      1. Basic agility ladder drills
      2. Cognitive tasks
      3. Additional tasks (arm movements)
      4. Visual tasks

Each drill can be combined with one or more drills from any of the other three categories. As a result you will have a variety of effective drills that will lead to excellent training results.

This clip shows the basic agility ladder drill „The Samir-Step“.

You start off left of the ladder standing on your right foot, while your left foot doesn’t touch the ground. Now you jump into the first square, leading your left leg behind your right leg before touching ground with your left foot. After that you jump out of the ladder (to the other side) landing on your left foot again. Now you repeat the steps changing legs.



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