Creative Soccer Drill: The Basketball-Soccer Combination

Creative Soccer Drill: The Basketball-Soccer Combination

Use this drill to improve the players' coordinative skills while they're having a blast combining two entirely different sports. The drills shown in our video allow you to plan effective training sessions in a short amount of time. Stop wasting your time trying to come up with drills yourself, just simply watch our video, chose the drills you want to use and get started! Find more Drills at or

Posted by Soccer Coach Clinics on Sonntag, 9. August 2015

Coordination and concentration are two very important skills for soccer players. This is why we’re about to show you a unique drill combining basketball and soccer skills.

To start off, let the players move around dribbling one ball with their hands and one with their feet. Tell them to use their weak sides as well. After that, you can play a game. Each player still has to dribble one ball with their hands. But now there are only two soccer balls involved for „regular soccer purposes“. These two balls are being passed from one player to another while running around and still dribbling their ball with their hands.
You can make things even more interesting by playing a regular game of soccer, while the players still use their „basketballs“.



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